LUXI B582821 ELEGANT 280x210
LUXI B582821 ELEGANT 280x210 LUXI B582821 ELEGANT 280x210

LUXI B582821 ELEGANT 280x210

  • Brand: LUXI
  • Product Code: B582821
  • Condition: NUOVO
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Colour: white. Border: without black borders. Ratio 4:3. Total screen size: 280x210cm. Viewing size: 280x210cm. Inches: 138. Screen case size: 290x10,5x11,2cm. Packing: 300x15x17cm. Net weight: 17 Kg. Gross weight: 20 Kg.

Available with the following projection surfaces: White, Matte White, Hi-gain White, Sonora, Contrast Grey e Rear Pro, in 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, 16:10 and 21:9 ratios, without or with black borders and extra upper black drop. The black outer borders increase the definition of the image projected on the screen. Unrolling of the projection surface from the frontal part of the case. Aluminium case painted light grey (RAL7035), sizes mm. 105x112, round shaped, provided with reinforcement on the back side to hold the wall and ceiling brackets. Internal anodized aluminium tube diameter mm.60 for fabric wind up, which includes a reliable robust electric motor mounted on special rubber silent blocks. Electric single-phase motor, IMQ, CE mark, 5 years warranty from the purchase date, electrical connections 230V – 50Hz, absorption 120 W 0,50 A, protection IP 44, 17 RPM. The motor is mounted on the left side of the case. Screen up and down limit switches factory adjusted, possibility of different settings if necessary. The screen can also be stopped at intermediate height by pressing the electric inverter switch. Wall and ceiling brackets are standard supplied and they can be mounted everywhere along the whole housing length. The brackets are aluminium made, painted light grey (RAL7035) colour. When mounted they are completely hidden behind the screen case. Rounded aluminium lateral caps that follows the shape of the housing, painted light grey (RAL7035) colour. Lower bar in aluminium painted light grey (RAL7035) colour. Screen up and down electric inverter standard supplied. Accessories on demand: radio remote control, with external or motor-integrated receiver. Supplied in robust double cardboard package (vulcano type). Overall dimensions: screen dimension + cm. 10.

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